110 Sermons

1 John

John the Apostle

The Woman at The Well - Mother's Day 2024

Sermon on the Mount

You are the Salt and the Light
Jesus Fulfills the Law and Prophets
Sexual Revelation
Do Not Take Oaths
Do Not Be Angry
Turn the Other Cheek - Good Friday 2024
Love Your Enemies - Easter 2024
It's Not About Us
Do Not Worry
Matthew 7
Ask Seek Knock

Dangerous Prayers

Forgive Us

More & More

Am I loving Jesus more and more
Am I loving who Jesus loves more and more
Am I living for what Jesus lived for

The Fruit of the Spirit

The Fruit of the Spirit
The Fruit of the Spirit 2
Peace - The Fruit of the Spirit
Kindness - The Fruit of the Spirit
Self Control

Spirit Is

Spirit Is a Person
Spirit Is Security and Identity
Spirit Is - Filled with the Spirit

Jesus Is

Jesus Is God
Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life (Easter)
Jesus Is The Bread of Life
Jesus Is The Light of the World
Jesus is The Good Shepherd

God Is

God Is Powerful and Personal
God Is Compassionate and Gracious
God Is Loving and Faithful
God is Forgiving
God Is Just


Praying Through Pain
Praying Through Doubt


Ephesians 1 3-14
Ephesians 3 14
Ephesians 4 1-16
Ephesians Mental Apocalypse